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New/changed keycommands in OM 3.0

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I remeber cmd+-> key command would get me to the end of the line i opusmodus previously, but that doesnt work anymore in 3.0.

Can anyone tell me what's the new key command is for jumping to the end of the line. Alt+-> still works for jumping to the end of the word.



If anyone has found other changed key commands that they frequently used, feel free to post them below.




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Not quite. It extends the current selection to EOL. If I then press the right-arrow key again, my selection is cancelled and the cursor is at the EOL. So almost. 

In modern editors, I just do cmd-right. I understand the emacs heritage with Lisp and Lispworks, but I believe the idiosyncrasies of the editor is not exactly making the learning curve less steep for newcomers to this amazing software.

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