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sending OSC data to MAX


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dear all


i would like to send some specific data via OSC to MAX... 

i can send "something" to max 


(defparameter max '( 7500)) ;; that works


SEND data to MAX

and i would like to send the following seq to MAX by OSC 

/player "12" 1.0 1.0 1.0

but how to do it / format it in OMPO?


;; data should be "113" 1 1. 25000  => but how to "format"? -> see the MAX form
;; ???
(send-osc-data (create-osc-thread "player" max) data)


/player is sended but not the rest of teh sequence 



here is a screenshot from MAX, it worked with an external library (in CCL) but i would like to do it "directly" in OPMO.




in MAX, that's what i'm sending - for example - as an internal test




thanx for some help...!!


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  • 2 months later...

here is the solution to send any data by OSC!

a big thanks to janusz who made it for me/us!! now a wide variety of externals can be controlled via OSC, in any format... (not only reaktor)


(defun osc-send (&rest args)
      ((host #(127 0 0 1)) ;; host
       (port 7500) ;; port
       (s (usocket:socket-connect host port
                           :protocol :datagram
                           :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
        (b (apply' osc:encode-message args)))
    (format t "sending to ~a on port ~A~%~%" host port)
         (usocket:socket-send s b (length b))
      (when s (usocket:socket-close s)))))

(osc-send  "/player" "120" 1 1 1)
(osc-send "/beat" "defer" 0 "duration" 1 "pattern" 12)


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