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gen-summationsakkord / claus kühnl


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here ist some code to generate "Summationsakkorde" (CLAUS KüHNL)... have a look to the PDF...

(from the book "Claus Kühnl: Beiträge zu einer HArmonielehre 2000" Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag. p.42+)



(defun gen-summationsakkord (primaerint &key (n 10)(typ 'ks) (gedachter-grundton 'c0) (quant 1/2) (chord t))
  (let ((partial-reihe (hertz-to-pitch (harmonics gedachter-grundton 100 :type :hertz) :quantize quant))
          (append primaerint 
                  (list (sum primaerint))
                  (loop repeat n
                    with k-int = (sum primaerint)
                    with g-int = (sum primaerint)
                    with a = (first primaerint)
                    with b = (second primaerint)
                    (cond ((equal typ 'ks)
                           (setf k-int (+ (car primaerint) k-int)))
                          ((equal typ 'gs)
                           (setf g-int (+ (second primaerint) g-int)))
                          ((equal typ 'fibo)
                           (shiftf a b (+ a b)))))))))
    (if (null chord) 
      (position-filter (x-b partial-liste 1) partial-reihe)
      (chordize (position-filter (x-b partial-liste 1) partial-reihe)))))


(gen-summationsakkord '(2 3) :typ 'ks :gedachter-grundton 'c2)
(gen-summationsakkord '(2 3) :typ 'gs :gedachter-grundton 'c2)
(gen-summationsakkord '(2 3) :typ 'fibo :gedachter-grundton 'c2)

(gen-summationsakkord '(2 3) :typ 'ks :gedachter-grundton 'c2 :quant nil)

(gen-summationsakkord '(3 4) :typ 'ks :gedachter-grundton 'f1)
(gen-summationsakkord '(3 4) :typ 'gs :gedachter-grundton 'f1)
(gen-summationsakkord '(3 4) :typ 'fibo :gedachter-grundton 'f1)


Doc - 03.08.2022 - 20-41.pdf


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an example with 2 pitches = 2 intervals, with microtonal quantification


    (gen-summationsakkord '(3 5) :typ 'ks :gedachter-grundton 'db0 :quant nil)
    (gen-summationsakkord '(5 7) :typ 'ks :gedachter-grundton 'db0 :quant nil)))))

    (gen-summationsakkord '(3 5) :typ 'gs :gedachter-grundton 'db0 :quant nil)
    (gen-summationsakkord '(5 7) :typ 'gs :gedachter-grundton 'db0 :quant nil)))))



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