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Just Feedback after 1 week learning OM language

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While complaining about the state/progress on ARM M1 upgrade, Heres a honest Happy Customer statement on OM language:


Everytime I learn a new function, I grow in understanding that OM is super powerful while still the language and syntax (once getting used to parathesis) is simple enough to not get distracted. More and more I feel to understand the intention why certain functions have been designed and how to apply them. A huge support is the good website and inline docu (probably the best I have ever seen).


It dawns me that people who created the OM language and drive its evolution so long do really understand whats necessary for algorithmic composition.


I feel privileged to participate to have daily insights while learning all these music-related concepts and enjoy it a lot.


In my dayjob I am a Data-Scientist so maybe I will contribute some day with ideas not covered yet, not shure if they are musical as I am just hobbyist.


Excellent, Thanks a lot.

Keep the good work.




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