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CLM with OM 2.2

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I'm trying to get CLM working with OM 2.2 on MacOS Monterey


I'm trying to run the 'Load CLM Instruments.lisp' file, but I am getting this error message:
Error: Error opening shared library /Users/q/Documents/Opusmodus/CLM/libclm/clm_complete_add.dylib : dlopen(/Users/q/Documents/Opusmodus/CLM/libclm/clm_complete_add.dylib, 0x000A): tried: '/Users/q/Documents/Opusmodus/CLM/libclm/clm_complete_add.dylib' (no such file), '/usr/lib/clm_complete_add.dylib' (no such file).
> While executing: open-shared-library, in process Listener-4(279).


I'm not seeing that file in any of my directories, there is a 'clm_complete_add.c' though


(I followed the documentation about using Terminal to check that command line tools are installed via xcode-select and they are)

Thanks for the help!


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I tried following the instructions, but I keep getting that error message above about 'no such file'

I had already typed 'xcode-select --version' in my Terminal and I have xcode-select version 2392


Then when I try running 'Load CLM Instruments.lisp' a get the error message above

Thanks for your help - would love to be able to explore the CLM sounds

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Is your 'Load CLM Instruments.lisp' file starting like:


;; ------------------------------------------------------------
;; Compile and load instruments
;; ------------------------------------------------------------
(in-package :Opusmodus)




Maybe you need to install the Opusmodus folder in your home directory.

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