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Opusmodus 2.2.26563


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– Additional Functionality:
COUNTERPOINT - additional dictum keyword :tonality
GEN-DICTUM - additional dictum keyword :tonality


Additional dictum symbol (=) - repeats last method, harmony or tonality values.


In this example we assign an variabile to a list of tonalities:

(setf tonality1 '((major :root 'a3 :map step :rotate 1 :variant 'i)
                  (minor :root 'e4 :map step)
                  (major :root 'd4 :map step :rotate 1 :variant 'ri)
                  (minor :root 'fs4 :map step)))

(counterpoint patterns
              '(((1 2 1 2) :methods (r - (ri dl5) (r dl2)) :tonality tonality1)))


Tonality defined to all voices:

((1 2 1 2) :methods (r - (ri dl5) (r dl2)) :tonality ((major :map step)))


Same as above with repeat symbol (=). The symbol (=) means repeat of the last tonality used:

((1 2 1 2) :methods (r - (ri dl5) (r dl2)) :tonality ((major :map step) = = =))


Assigning variables to a list of methods:

(setf m1 '((t5 1 3) (t12 r))
      m2 '(t4 (i t12 tie))
      m3 '((r d7) (t9 dl3)))
(counterpoint patterns
              '(((1 2) :methods m1)
                ((2 2) :methods m2)
                ((2 1) :methods m3)))


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