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A faster way to pitch-demix

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A faster way to pitch-demix.

I found that this works faster than the pitch-demix function.

Just to offer something... 


(setf chorale '(a3b3e4ab4 gs3ds4g4bb4 cs3a3b3e4))
(setf chordarray (build-array (sort-desc (melodize (mclist chorale)))))
(setf size (get-count chorale))

(setf voice1 (get-array 0 0 size chordarray :direction 'down))
(setf voice2 (get-array 0 1 size chordarray :direction 'down))
(setf voice3 (get-array 0 2 size chordarray :direction 'down))
(setf voice4 (get-array 0 3 size chordarray :direction 'down))

(ps 'gm
    :sq (list (flatten (list '(q) voice1))
              (flatten (list '(q) voice2))
              (flatten (list '(q) voice3))
              (flatten (list '(q) voice4)))
    :key-signature 'atonal
    :time-signature '(4 4)
    :tempo 90
    :title "Colagem Randômica"


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