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Opusmodus team has done a great job in supporting L-system. I have been spending some time to understand this feature; seems quite powerful.


I have just uploaded a blog post on this topic. Your comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated.


Does OM implementation support the full functionality as outlined in this paper?


- Rangarajan

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one other interesting approach could be, to use l-systems on a "higher level"... (a lot of work to this is already made in OPENMUSIC)

a sequence like '(a b a c a d a a b a e ...) ;; as a "nonsense-l-system-example-seq"

could be used as a seq for FUNCTIONS... means:


an input/omn-seq would be transformed by an l-system-function-sequence, for example...


a = rotate pitches and lengths

b = invert pitches

c = sample-seq pitches

d = change velocities


so you could work with more complex input-gestalts... and when you are doing this on a second/third-level inside of such GESTALTS you will have something like this MODEL...




i think HANSPETER KYBURZ is "the MASTER" for L-SYSTEMS in MUSICAL COMPOSITION, and i he talked about this things in his lectures




famous pieces with/on this are:














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