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Feature request: annotations in the docs

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I would like to make annotations in the doc files of the functions, so when I come back I can see at a glance if I've already worked with that function..

Now the docs are overwritten with every update, is there a way to preserve our personal annotations?

OM is so big and complex, such possiiblity really would help me!



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It would be great if I could make the annotations directly in the doc file..

I've already tried to copy the doc file in the Opusmodus/System Library (where also the docs for my own functions live)

but it was cumbersome to handle the big amount of (double) files.

It would be great to type the name of the function in the search field (or highlight an control-tab a function in the code)

and see the doc and my annotations in the same place (file)..

Maybe the update routine can be changed so that the doc files are  not replaced but supplemented?

Maybe that could be an option to make a sort of manual update, where on can decide..



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I use to create a standard OPMO file for the functions I want to study and learn more.

And I put this files into FOLDERS in the left side (I call the folder "Functions"

So, I copy the text of the documentation to the .opmo file and I can do my annotations

and my examples in this.

I think it's important that the updates come with the new revised functions and having the option to not update the function can create some confusion and led you to not have the right documentation.


All the best !


Just my 2 cents (I'm a user, like you).

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Hi, I found a system that work for me, if someone is interested..


All the best and stay healthy!





Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!


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