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Parameter as variable?

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I want to make the following construction:

(defun mapping-integers (x y)
  (interval-to-pitch (integer-to-interval x) :start y))

(mapping-integers '(0 4 5 9 11) 'c5)

I get an error-warning having the wrong start parameter, how could this be done?

I have a list of integers (0 4 5 9 11) and a list of root notes (c5) and want them to process to get lists like (c5 e5 f5 a5 b5)..


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to answer my own question, I found a workaround:

(defun mapping-integers-2 (x y)
  (chordize (pitch-transpose (pitch-to-integer y) (integer-to-pitch x))))

(mapping-integers-2 '(0 4 5 9 11) 'g4)

nevertheless I would like to know if it is possible to handle the keyword parameters with variables..

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(pitch-transpose-start 'c5 (integer-to-pitch '(0 4 5 9 11)))
=> (c5 e5 f5 a5 b5)

with &key

(defun mapping-integers (l &key start)
  (if start (pitch-transpose-start start (integer-to-pitch l))
    (integer-to-pitch l)))

(mapping-integers '(0 4 5 9 11) :start 'c5)
=> (c5 e5 f5 a5 b5)
with &optional
(defun mapping-integers2 (l &optional start)
  (if start (pitch-transpose-start start (integer-to-pitch l))
    (integer-to-pitch l)))

(mapping-integers2 '(0 4 5 9 11) 'c5)
=> (c5 e5 f5 a5 b5)
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