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HTML rendering problems (eg.., cannot evaluate code on HTML docs anymore)

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Has there perhaps been some change with the HTML rendering in the Assistant in recent months since August? On my Macbook Pro (OSX 10.12.6) with the latest Opusmodus version, (most) links are not followed anymore, and the CSS rendering is unreliable (can be missing but when the same page is reloaded it might be there -- sometimes multiple reloading is required; when reloading it again later, the CSS might be ignored again).


Most importantly, however, I cannot select any text on the HTML page anymore, i.e. I cannot evaluate example code from HTML pages anymore. I export all the documentation of my own Opusmodus extensions into HTML mainly for that reason, so that the various examples of the docs can be evaluated from within Opusmodus, but that seems to be broken currently. 


Can others reproduce such problems? 

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