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generating realtime score / sending data from OPMO to POLYTEMPO NETWORK by OSC

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dear all


here's an example (from my current work)...


this little video shows how i generate/display SCORE (instrumental parts) on a screen + virtual conductor (piano part). the example is "nonsense", but shows how it looks/works... you see the bars (generating), the cue, beat... and the arrow (that shows you where to read/play) ...also you hear some bad (sry) sound-simulation of the setup.


in this way i can generate a whole piece in realtime on STAGE (all musicians will read their part from their own screen). this one will be for 5 instruments, ePlayer and modular synthesizer. during the performance an algorithm (or some data-streams) will generate the piece in OPMO. with OSC i can send all datas (score, beat, tempo..)  from OPMO to POLYTEMPO-NETWORK  (https://polytempo.zhdk.ch) and work and coordinate different independent tempo layers, conducting etc...


for more POLYTEMPO informations... have a look here: https://polytempo.zhdk.ch






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Looks great. Your find a way to connect OPMO to POLYTEMPO-NETWORK 👍

I would like to see longer example (video) how all this works in realtime with real score.

A short tutorial HOWTO would be useful with a OMPO score and the POLYTEMPO-NETWORK setup.

Knowing all the details we could make it all to work in OM 🙂

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