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Some more bug reports

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Dear developers,

Below I report another bug (or at least what I assume is a bug). 

Thank you! 




If arg value is below the overall length (duration) of the given phrase, then the result is nevertheless longer than the input, seemingly by the absolute difference. This corner case is not covered by the documentation, but for consistency it would likely be better to shorten the input sequence, if the given length value is shorter than the sequence. 
(length-adjust 3/4 '(q c3 e d3 e3 q f3 e g3 a3))
(length-adjust 2/4 '(q c3 e d3 e3 q f3 e g3 a3))


BTW: No quote necessary before ratios or numbers in general, those evaluate to themselves. 3/4 -> 3/4

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