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Sending to Logic via Bus 1, channel 1, weird behavior

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This is a tough one: Anybody know what could be causing a Logic track to load a very specific new channel strip setting whenever I hit Command 1 and Bus 1, channel 1 is set in the Prefs? I've tried with lots of different score examples that AFAIK don't specify any particular instrument… What sort of message could that be, anyway? It's not a Program Change one, is it?, since it's loading a different plugin PLUS a MIDI FX neither of which I had loaded originally…!? TIA!

Related: In trying to troubleshoot this, I've tried closing Logic and with the same OM settings, setting a track in Live to receive IAC data, but can't get this working. Is there already some guide posted about how to do that? Thanks again!

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Turns out a program change message CAN reset the channel strip. From the Logic docs:


"You can remotely switch between channel strip settings by sending MIDI program change messages. This allows you to select your favorite sounds by pushing a button on your MIDI keyboard. To use this feature, you need to save a channel strip setting as a performance."


Also turns out I had a few settings saved as performances (meaning they were saved into a folder called Performance, inside the Instruments folder for saved Channel Strips), certainly done out of ignorance, including the problem one. And removing them all has fixed the problem (and revealed some possibilities). So, not so tough after all:)

But it also seems pretty clear that this means there is a MIDI program change message tucked away in the OM Preference settings for Bus 1, doesn't it? If so, I wonder how to edit it?

Capto 2020-06-08_05-58-33_PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 6.02.44 PM.png

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