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I'am exploring gen-dynamic-controller,  which jumps immeadiately to the value of zero, which is cutting off the sample ( Spitfire string quartet), see attachments. Is there a way to avoid this?





Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-04 um 16.32.14.jpg


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I use normal dynamic signs in my score like p and f..

As you can see in the code  gen-dynamic-controller immeadiately jumps to the value of 0..

Does that answer your question?


(setf ex '((h c3 p -h)(h d3 f -h)(h e3 mf -h)))

(gen-dynamic-controller ex)
-->((47 1/2) (0 1/2) (80 1/2) (0 1/2) (69 1/2) (0 1/2))


Something like this would work 🙂

((47 1/2) (:asc 47 80 1/256 1/2) (80 1/2) (:desc 80 69 1/256 1/2) (69 1/2) (:desc 69 0 1/256 1/2)))


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I don't want that, just want the controller not to cut off the sample by jumping to zero.

Do you never had problems with that?

And my example would work as you can see:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-05 um 13.00.32.jpg

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I don't understand what is the problem, I don't see any problem in the images (above).

Please send me the score with a description of the problem.


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