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Opusmodus 2.0.25787

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– New functions:



– Key shortcut changes:
Utilities Search: control-option-F
Navigator Search: control-shift-F


At the moment we have two versions of Opusmodus, one for macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and one for macOS 10.9 - 10.14 due to Apple Xcode bug.
Therefore use the Forums Download link, which you find in the Forums menu.


In the HowTo Score section you will find a few new examples to play with:

HowTo Score/Polyphony/Micropolyphony 1.opmo
HowTo Score/Polyphony/Micropolyphony 2.opmo
HowTo Score/Rhythm/Rhythm.opmo

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The foundations of my musical choices and explorations for the last decade have been Ulam's Prime Spirals (along with Amazing Abarim Publications Pillars), so this is VERY exciting to see how it is implemented in Opusmodus 🙂


Sure am glad I took the opportunity afforded by the spring sale to get updated...this is a most unexpected, but very welcome surprise 😉



2 minutes ago, JulioHerrlein said:

I tried to update and received this message. Strange, because there is a new version...






 Is that from the forum direct download link or Opusmodus...I haven't upgraded yet but based on my forum monitoring it seems updating needs to be done manually from forums links?

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11 minutes ago, fdsdb said:



I receive the same @JulioHerrlein  message in updating from inside Opusmodus, it happened with precedent updates, too.

I must manually download new version and install it overwriting old version in Application folder.

Apart that it runs perfectly on El Capitan.



Yes, same here ! Thank you.

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