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Opusmodus on macOS 10.15

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    • By opmo
      – Fixes:
      COUNTERPOINT – span added an additional 1/4 length.
      PS – error if controller option in an instrument.
      CREATE-CHORD – error if incorrect chord arguments.
      ttrem – error in display when ttrem inside a tuplet.
      Italian documentation – misspels and typos.

      – Changes:
      Changes to method names in default Unfold Set OM.lisp file.
      Update to Quick Start folder.

      How to install the new Quick Start workspace:
      1. Delete the Quick Start folder from your Opusmodus directory.
      2. Select the Install Quick Start Workspace command from the Opusmodus Help menu.
      3. New Quick Start workspace will open. 
    • By Wim Dijkgraaf
      I've started to develop a converter that converts Sibelius SoundSet files (xml) to Opusmodus SoundSet format. It's very preliminary yet but attached you'll find the result of using the Sibelius Special Edition Sound Set as well as the Sibelius Strings Sound Set as test input. Looks promising I think. 
      The Controllers group is missing but I'll be able to implement that part soon. Need a better understanding of what it's supposed to do and will start testing the output so far.
      VSL has created Sibelius specific presets for Vienna Instruments which are meant to be used in conjunction with the Sibelius Sound Set. The converter I wrote converts these Sibelius Sound Set XML files into Opusmodus sound files that will work with those same Sibelius presets for Vienna Instruments. They won't work with the standard VSL presets but as far from what I understand now those Sibelius specific Sound Set formats & presets are very useful for Opusmodus too. 
      You don't have to have Sibelius in order to use these Opusmodus sound sets. I just use the word Sibelius to make clear that the Vienna Instruments Sibelius presets shall be used.
      Any suggestions are more than welcome.
      (see post below for the latest version of the sound sets.)
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