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Subject: Congratulations on means for algorithmic score transformation

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Dear Opusmodus developers,
Congratulations on your software! This is some nice algorithmic composition system. What I like in particular is that you make algorithmic transformation of music more strait forward compared to previous systems (and I used quite a lot of them).  Your new music representation format OMN represents the different "dimensions" of music (rhythm, pitches, ...) together in a rather simple way, which makes it more easy to process such multi-dimensional data. 
I already have many concrete questions, after playing around with the system for several hours now, but I better post these separately. (I am not quite sure always what the right sub-forum would be for every question, so please bear with me.)
Torsten Anders
Dr Torsten Anders
Course Leader, Music Technology
University of Bedfordshire
Park Square, Room A315
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Welcome, and I am very pleased you like Opusmodus.

The solution to all that 'How to make complexity more friendly' is OMN.

With OMN script the composer can start working with Opusmodus and not, from the outset be confronted with vast libraries of algorithms that can at first be intimidating and overwhelming.

All this is just the beginning.

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