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License and upgrade

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I'm closed to buy v1.3 but I'm interested by v1.4 new features. 


Could you please explain how license works regarding upgrades ? Will I have free upgrade to v1.4, 1.5, and coming ones ? If not, what is the average cost per year for and up-to-date user ?


Thanks !

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Updates are made frequently and are for free. Upgrades  (1.2 .1.3 1.4 etc...) are payable. If you buy 1.3 now you are exempt form the upgrade payment for 4 months. Our last upgrade from version 1.2 to 1.3 was €145. From ver. 1.4 onwards all our upgrades will cost €99.

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    • By marqrdt
         I have OpusModus 1.2.23428 and am considering the upgrade to 1.3. It asks for a license key, but I can find it in the application itself (Help, About, Register, etc) or in other common places, such as $HOME/Library/Application Support, etc. What's the best way for me to get my license?
      Paul M.
      Hot diggity dawg-- found the license email from 2015! It's safely stored away now 🙂
      In case I didn't, is there a recovery process?
    • By Andy
      Wow this really is a huge deal for me. We can now have snippets as mini scores before we compile. Key sigs, time sigs, tempo and instrument defs all in a snippet. And multiple voices too. Thanks Janusz.
      5 hours later. So this is a major change it seems to me and very useful. The whole workflow has had a boost. This, amongst other things, allows the creation of snippet libraries with granular control over the visual and functional aspects of the snippets. An ideas library is here. Of course it was possible before with mutiple .opmo files and def scores but this is much more useful (and convenient). I can have one .opmo file with a hundred snippets in it, all with different instruments and with correct notation and functionality and individual tempi.
      As a recent arrival to OpM I do remember my first reaction was ...Preference>Audition>...and then set a static set of preferences for playback?....this just felt limiting to be honest. Then I quickly realised that this was just a temporary thing and def-score was the way to define playback..and still is. But the Preference>Audition set up can effectively be ignored if one wishes now and Snippets are free! Good stuff.
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      Is it still possible to upgrade/crossgrade from Symbolic Composer to Opusmodus?
      I finally saved me up some funds to get my official OM licence, but I don't see the upgrade/discount option anymore.
      I fear the worst, but thought I might ask anyway!

      Thanks in advance for the reply 🙂
      - Jor
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