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Sound Set: Vienna Instruments - Upright Bass

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This sound-set below is part of the Opusmodus system and is used here to demonstrate what the group will be focussing on - creating new sound sets for old and new samples, synthesisers or any other software. Opusmodus can control any system that accepts MIDI CC. We have great results with Reaktor and Kyma system.


;; Patches, keyswitches and controllers change events.
(def-sound-set VSL-Upright
  (:group Short-and-Long-Notes
          pizz-staccato           (cc1 0 :key f7 :key c1 :key a0)
          pizz-sustain-novib      (cc1 0 :key f7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          pizz-snap               (cc1 0 :key f7 :key d1 :key a0)
          pizz-portato-short      (cc1 64 :key f7 :key c1 :key a0)
          pizz-sustain-vib-light  (cc1 64 :key f7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          pizz-damp               (cc1 64 :key f7 :key d1 :key a0)
          pizz-portato-long       (cc1 127 :key f7 :key c1 :key a0)
          pizz-sustain-vib        (cc1 127 :key f7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          pizz-muted              (cc1 127 :key f7 :key d1 :key a0)
          :group Legato-Performances
          pizz-perf-legato        (cc1 0 :key e7 :key c1 :key a0)
          pizz-perf-legato-ghost  (cc1 0 :key e7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          pizz-perf-gliss         (cc1 64 :key e7 :key d1 :key a0)
          pizz-perf-gliss-slow    (cc1 127 :key e7 :key c1 :key a0)

          :group Repetitions
          pizz-perf-rep-leg-novib (cc1 40 :key fs7 :key c1 :key a0)
          pizz-perf-rep-por-sl    (cc1 40 :key fs7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          pizz-perf-rep-por-fa    (cc1 40 :key fs7 :key d1 :key a0)
          pizz-perf-rep-leg-vib   (cc1 80 :key fs7 :key c1 :key a0)

          :group Upbeats
          pizz-ub-a1-80           (cc1 0 :key g7 :key c1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a1-100          (cc1 0 :key g7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a1-120          (cc1 0 :key g7 :key d1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a1-140          (cc1 0 :key g7 :key ds1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a2-80           (cc1 64 :key g7 :key c1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a2-100          (cc1 64 :key g7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a2-120          (cc1 64 :key g7 :key d1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a2-140          (cc1 64 :key g7 :key ds1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a3-80           (cc1 127 :key g7 :key c1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a3-100          (cc1 127 :key g7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a3-120          (cc1 127 :key g7 :key d1 :key a0)
          pizz-ub-a3-140          (cc1 127 :key g7 :key ds1 :key a0)
          :group FX
          slides                  (:key gs7 :key c1 :key a0)
          finger-stop             (:key gs7 :key cs1 :key a0)
          body-noises             (:key gs7 :key d1 :key a0)
          arco-sustain-fx         (:key gs7 :key ds1 :key a0)
  (:group Default-Settings
          Pitch               0
          Velocity-XF         2
          Volume              7
          Pan                10
          Expression         11
          Reverb-Dry/Wet     14
          Reverb-On/Off      15
          Slot-XF            20
          Start-Scaler       21
          Master-Attack      22
          Master-Release     23
          Master-Filter      24
          Delay-Scaler       25
          Tuning-Scaler      26
          Humanize           27
          Velocity-XF-On-Off 28
          Rsamp-On-Off       29
          Dynamics-Scaler    30

          :group Pedal
          Ped                64
          :group Matrix
          cc1                 1
Edited by opmo
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