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2 hours ago, opmo said:

What would be the result here:

'(a2a3 a2a4 a2e4 c3f4 f4cs4 d4e4)

  Please make a few examples with the input and the output you are looking for.



The result when sorting ascending on top note would in the above case be:

'(a2a3 a2e4 d4e4 c3f4 f4cs4 a2a4)

When the top note is the same, the bottom note decides.


Another example:

; sorting on bottom note ;
'(g2g3 g2d4 g2g4 a2a3 a2e4 a2a4) 

; sorting on top note ;
'(g2g3 a2a3 g2d4 a2e4 g2g4 a2a4)


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