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    • By AM
      hi all
      i'm looking for different SORTING ALGORITHMS in LISP - no problem to find (different) in the WWW... but: i would like to have as OUTPUT-result ALL generations of the SORTING-process and not only the LAST one  - i'm interested in the PROCESS!!
      thanks for some help or any idea? (for once i do not want to code it myself :-))
    • By PatrickMimran
      I try to map a  tonality on a very simple chord suite  1  4  5   from Major to natural minor in the folowing way 
      (Setq chordlist  (tonality-map '(natural-minor :root a4 )  '(c3c4e4g4c5   f3f4a4c5f5  G3G4b4d5g5) ))
      But it doesn't seems to work the way i want , i am just looking to transform degree 1 4 5 from c major to  1 4 5  a minor with no success 
      there is probably something i am missing or another easiest way 
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