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I am working on a table for harmonics on the theorbo.

Is there a way to mark strings with numbers higher than 5?

Or perhaps a way to add your custom roman numeral?

By the way, I am still on 1.2.23260, maybe there are more options in 1.3 regarding custom markings?

Kind Regards,


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Do you mean number attributes?

'(e c4 num0 cs4 num1 d4 num2 ds4 num3 e4 num4 f4 num5 fs4 num6
    g4 num7 gs4 num8 a4 num9 as4 num10 b4 num11)



You can extend the list of attributes with: ADD-TEXT-ATTRIBUTES function:

 '(v-ah "ah")
 '(v-ee "ee")
 '(v-eh "eh")
 '(v-ei "ei")
 '(v-ih "ih")
 '(v-mm "mm")
 '(v-oh "oh")
 '(v-oo "oo")


The list of new functionality in version 1.3 is quite big, the workflow improved considerably as well not to mention the bug fixes.

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