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Snippet with key signatures

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Mmm so this relates back to my earlier question about libraries and storing ideas and multiple def-scores in a single document.


To store an "idea" which can be viewed with a key signature in notation I have to save it as a def-score, but each composer document (.opmo) can effectively only have one idea in it, because each .opmo file uses only one def-score, as previously discussed. (I know it can have the code of an infinite number of def-scores, however only the last def-score will 'Evaluate and Audition and Notation" i.e it's not possible to highlight a def-score in a composer document as discovered in my last post)


I'm confused to be honest..the whole structural thinking in Opusmodus is confusing me!



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def-score is a score which is a finished work.

For ideas I suggest to create a new file with your expressions.

If you like to call some of your ideas algorithmically then you need to create a def-library.

You don't need to care about a time signature or key signature, all that you do on a score level and not on a snippet level.


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