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V1.3.24409 startup errors

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I just installed V 1.3.24409, and am getting some errors on startup. The first one is an alert that says:

"Error in Hemlock command processing. There is no applicable method for the generic function: #<STANDARD-GENERIC-FUNCTION ENSURE-COMPOSER-PANE #x302001D4373F> when called with arguments: ("/Users/<my username>/Documents/Opusmodus/Extensions/Load CLM Instruments.lisp" #<OM-LAYOUT-CONTROLLER <OMLayoutController: 0x134880> (#x134880)>).


After I dismiss that, a window opens that says: Error: File #P"clm:instruments;" does not exist.
> While executing: clm-user-ins-path, in process Opusmodus Extension Initialization(6).

and then the error recovery options.


I have deleted both the ~/Documents/Opusmodus and ~/.opusmodus folders, deleted the prefs file, and searched for any other opusmodus folders, so I'm confident that it's clean. I then reinstalled the newly DL'd Opusmodus, launched it, entered my serial #, and created a new Opusmodus folder. This didn't help.


The file ~/Documents/Opusmodus/Extensions/Load CLM Instruments.lisp exists and looks unremarkable.  ~/Documents/Opusmodus/CLM/instruments exists and contains a bunch of .ins files.


Before I DL'd the new version, I launched the previous version 1.3.24303 and got that same error window complaining about not finding clm:instruments. I am unaware of anything changing on my Mac that might have broken this recently. I'm running Mojave 10.14.2 on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014).


The Quick Start Workspace loads and plays anyway.


Any ideas about how to fix this?

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The Opusmodus folder needs to be in the user directory ~/Opusmodus and not in the ~/Documents folder.

This will fixed your error.

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I had to toss the folder and empty the trash before Opusmodus would ask to create a new Opusmodus folder, but it worked. Thanks.

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I am getting something similar but I have got the Opusmodus folder in my home directory. I get these two error messages:




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