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Whats new in version 1.3


Compatibility with macOS Mojave

macOS 10.14 Dark Mode

CLM added

OSC added

MIDI player improvements
New functions:














Enhancements and fixes:

quantizer returns now the count of given length-notes

single-events returns given type

don't join dissimilar rests

fixed rest grouping

fixed tied 8va or 8vb tuplets


There are some changes to the Opusmodus user system folder.
Before opening the new application you need to delete the old Opusmodus folder.
Make sure you save your personal files (scores, docs etc...) before. A good solution is to rename the Opusmodus folder first and then compress it.
After you have deleted the Opusmodus user folder you can start the new application.
At the start Opusmodus will ask you for permission to create a new user folder in your home directory, if you don’t see a window for it, it means the old folder is still on your computer. Make sure the new Opusmodus folder is installed in your home directory.


New Opusmodus folder:


Screenshot 2019-01-01 at 20.14.52.png


Opusmodus 1.3 requires a new serial number to run.
When purchasing upgrade 1.3 the current user will need to provide an Opusmodus 1.2 serial number.

After the confirmation which takes a few seconds only, you will be redirected to the purchase page.

Following the purchase a new serial number will be sent to you by email.


Happy New Year 2019


Janusz Podrazik

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