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Difficulties combining multiple scores

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I've been following this thread in an attempt to build one score from multiple projects:




I've tried both the approach from Stephane and Janusz but I can't seem to play back the scores after each other.
Instead when I compile the three different scores it plays them all back at the same time/on top of each other.
I'm probably doing something stupid somewhere but I can't figure out what, here's a screenshot of my project:



Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 20.18.04.png

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Ah yes this seems to work well, however I am using a lot of different instruments (MIDI Channels) which differ per score section.
So for example in the intro the chords might go to channel 1 and in section 2 they go to channel 7. The provided example  uses 3 different instruments that don't change channels, making the assemble-seq a lot more useful. I was hoping to find a more convenient way to manage this without having to re-write my scores, are there other alternatives to this approach?

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