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On the Functions of death......

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An unusual request:

I am using Opusmodus for my next project 'The Last', a dance piece, the subject of which is... death.

Can anyone point me to some functions that might, with a little creative license, play with the idea of death in terms of, for example, entropy or decay? Or truncation. 

I'm throwing the ball in the air here so all ideas are welcome!





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May be

Expansion-series functions

pitch-repeat-transpose (re-incarnation 🙂

trim with gen-trim

length-diminution or augmentation

fragmentation with pitch-fragment

gen-transition or gen-morph etc..

use weighted function to add more and more rest in music (length-weight)

use text-to-pitch functions to create pitch structures based on the Death word or a death poem

create vectors who go from top to bottom (or reverse) and use them for rhythm, pitch etc... (gen-tendency)

the possibilities are endless 🙂








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