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if you like to change dynamics/velocity of specific lengths


(defun replace-velocity-of-a-length (omnseq length/velocity-map)
  (loop for i in (single-events (flatten omnseq))
    when (length-restp (car i)) collect i
    else append (omn-replace :velocity (cadr (assoc (car (omn :length i)) length/velocity-map))

(setf omn-seq '(s c4 ffff e e s e. s q q q q q))                   

(replace-velocity-of-a-length omn-seq '((1/16 mp)
                                        (2/16 pp)
                                        (3/16 ppp)))

=> (s c4 mp e c4 pp e c4 pp s c4 mp e. c4 ppp s c4 mp q c4 ffff q c4 ffff q c4 ffff q c4 ffff q c4 ffff)


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