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Displaying Existing Libraries


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Forgive me for these simple questions, but I'm curious to know what's the best way to display all the libraries I have?


For example, I'm now trying to build new libraries that includes ambituses of custom-built instruments I will use, rhythmic patterns I am developing, and modes/scales I will be using. 


I have the following questions:


1. I'm trying to understand the difference between library, def-library, and create-library. I am particularly interested in better understanding def-library and create-library. Are the two functions very different?


2. If I want to see all my rhythm libraries, for example, how can I see what I've already got on my computer?


Many thanks.

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library is for accessing to a library.

def-library is for the definition of a library

create-library is a utility function helping for creating the content of a def-library.



Normally, if you put the library in the right place in the Opusmodus/Def-Libraries/Def-Library folder, you can see all of them in Opusmodus utility panel "L" (L for Library).





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