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    • By Avner Dorman
      I would like to download version 1.3.24962 but I don't see the link on the main forums page. I have a new computer and I'd like to install opusmodus! 🙂
      Many thanks,
    • By opmo
      We are happy to announce the Italian version of Opusmodus is almost ready and will be released with the forthcoming update version 1.4.
      The entire Opusmodus documentation was translated by Prof. Marco Giommoni.

      Best wishes,
    • By EAIP
      I am working on a table for harmonics on the theorbo.
      Is there a way to mark strings with numbers higher than 5?
      Or perhaps a way to add your custom roman numeral?
      By the way, I am still on 1.2.23260, maybe there are more options in 1.3 regarding custom markings?
      Kind Regards,
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