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Stephane Boussuge

Shift for String Quartet Video version

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    • By EAIP
      I am working on a table for harmonics on the theorbo.
      Is there a way to mark strings with numbers higher than 5?
      Or perhaps a way to add your custom roman numeral?
      By the way, I am still on 1.2.23260, maybe there are more options in 1.3 regarding custom markings?
      Kind Regards,
    • By perti
      hello users,
      which is the last 1.2 available version? where can I find it?
      the downloads links take me to the new 1.3xxxx but not the the previous ones.
      thanks in advance,
    • By RST
      After installing the newest version, I receive this diagnostic.  Not sure at all what it means.
      There is no applicable method for the generic function:
      when called with arguments:
        ("/Users/RSTGSU/Opusmodus/Extensions/Load CLM Instruments.lisp" #<OM-LAYOUT-CONTROLLER <OMLayoutController: 0x735e90> (#x735E90)>)
      Nor do I know how to solve it.
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