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i like to insert many text-attrib (hundreds) into the opmo-function (ADD-TEXT-ATTRIBUTES)
... how can i format it the right way when i generate it by a function?


thanx for help!!



;;; ordinary... by hand - works fine

 '(nr0 "0") 
 '(nr1 "1") 
 '(nr2 "2") 
 '(nr3 "3") 
 '(nr4 "4") 
 '(nr5 "5"))

;;; generated by a function as a list (if there are many attributes)

(setf attr-list
      (loop for i from 0 to 100
        collect (list (compress (list 'nr i)) (write-to-string i))))

;;; INSERT don't work because of the wrong format.... how can i do that/change the format??


=> Error: Mismatched keys and values, (:notation-text) and ((nr1 "1") (nr2 "2") (nr3 "3") (nr4 "4") (nr5 "5") (nr6 "6") (nr7 "7") (nr8 "8") (nr9 "9") (nr10 "10") (nr11 "11") (nr12 "12") (nr13 "13") (nr14 "14") (nr15 "15") (nr16 "16") (nr17 "17") (nr18 "18") (nr19 "19") (nr20 "20") ...)


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