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Slonimsky Stuff HELP

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Dear All,


Is there a function where you can specify the creation parameters of the melodic patterns

devised by Slonimsky on the Thesaurus ?


Is there a function where you can specify:


1) The division of the octave (Tritone, Ditone, Sesquitone) ?

2) The pattern way (Infra, ultra, interpolation, and their combinations) ?


Thanks for the help !



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Actually, you have only the possibilitie to use library function to pick into the Slonimsky Thesaurus.opmo library file who contain only the slonimsky tritones patterns.


I would love as you to have some functions who directly generate all this stuff ! Janusz ??  🙂 🙂 🙂 



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If someone will get me the entire Thesaurus as a library or as a lists (patterns) then we could do something what Julio is proposing. PDF etc... won't do. Each pattern should be in OM library form of at least a lisp lists.

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Dear Friends,

Thank you all for replying !


What I had in mind was not a replication of the book itself, like a database but, instead,

a kind of generative way for doing the same kind of symmetrical patterns.

Of course, this way, we could not retrieve the exact number of the pattern as in the book edition.

Actually, the patterns could be generated with a few informations:


1) The principal tones (the division of the octave). This could be specified as a keyword argument in the end of the Function, like

:tritone   :ditone  :sesquitone  :wt  :st   :quadritone  :sesquiquadritone  etc, etc...


2) The way the pattern is constructed, i.e., the combination of inter/ultra/infrapolation, as the figure bellow:




3) The ambitus of the pattern, i.e., how many octaves/times the pattern will rise up through the range.
For example, Pattern #1 could spread all over a wide range as the figure below:




or just in the C4-C5 ambitus, like this:



4) The restriction of the AMBITUS could make  some patterns based on larger divisions of the octave, wrap around

inside the ambitus determined, acting as a kind of Sieve, filtering the pitches.


Just some ideas...


All the best !


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On 8/10/2018 at 9:59 PM, opmo said:

I think this could be done.

After we figure out the pattern sequence, gen-sive or make-scale do the job.

added 1 minute later

PATT # 1

(make-scale 'c4 12 :alt '(1 5))

This is why I love Opusmodus !

Best !!


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