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  1. Stephane Boussuge

    Stephane Boussuge

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    • By Andy
      So I didn't really know what an IDE was..it's an Integrated Development Environment..is that right?
      Well anyhow I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for Opusmodus' idea of an integrated workspace...being able to have pdf books available full screen with a shortcut is amazing...and pictures and audio etc. I am a big fan of Wooden Books for instance and bam..there they are in my composing space for reference. 
      I'm kind of thinking this is how all "composing" software should be..but mostly now it seems to me to be about a graphical interface that is irrelevant alongside a multitrack recorder paradigm.
      Anyhow happy to be on this journey (())
    • By Stephane Boussuge
      here's for study purpose the Opusmodus score of the first movement of my piano trio.
      All the best to the wonderful Opusmodus users community !

    • By Wim Dijkgraaf
      Hi all,
      I'm new to Lisp and new to OpusModus but have over 20 years of programming experience and an academic degree in composition. I'm having a great time learning Lisp and getting a better feel for the power of using OpusModus.
      As an exercise, I would like to be able to program functions that generate Slonimsky patterns. For example pattern 648: c4 cs5 d4 ds5 e4 es5 (from c4 to c5 and back to c4). (see attached image)
      Instead of making it a data list I would like to be able to program a Lisp function that generates the pattern.
      Maybe someone on this forum can give me a jump start.
      Many thanks in advance,
      Wim Dijkgraaf

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