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how to number pitches

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i know, but i would like to code it and not to write it by hand 🙂


here is the solution:



(defun gen-num (n &key (start 0))
  (loop for i from start to n
    append (list (compress (list 'num i)))))

(setf pitches (loop repeat 20 collect (rnd-pick '(c4 d4 e4 f4))))
(setf articulation (gen-num (length pitches)))

(make-omn :pitch pitches 
          :articulation articulation
          :length '(t)
          :span :pitch)

=> (t f4 num0 e4 num1 c4 num2 d4 num3 e4 num4 f4 num5 d4 num6 d4 num7 f4 num8 f4 num9 c4 num10 d4 num11 e4 num12 d4 num13 f4 num14 f4 num15 e4 num16 d4 num17 e4 num18 c4 num19)


@janusz: it works like that... but num0, num1... stops at num100, higher numbers seems not to be possible... but i would need about 1000 🙂


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thanks, so i have to code an algorithm to write such a library (till 1000) - or do it by hand 😉

any idea to code such a format? - i don't know how to code/write such a format with single lists (and not lists in lists) inside a function...


thanx for help


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