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Stephane Boussuge

Logic X 16midiInstrument Template

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    • By AlainJamot
      I just tried the microtuning function in version 2.0 and it's briliant. But I get this message from the listener: "Instrument "synth-moog" used the MIDI Tuning System for microtones.
      To use Pitch-Bend instead would require at least 2 ports." Where can I find documentation to use the microtonal midi output in Logic and/or in Kontakt, if it's possible, to control my virtual instruments ?
    • By NagyMusic
      I was able to set up Logic or Opusmodus playback via IAC driver by loading a Logic setup file into my workspace (saved in Documents folder). In this way, I can audition short snippets and lines of code, which playback through Logic just fine (OMN Audition + Notation). However, I'm having difficulties with evaluating and auditioning the whole score (Evaluate Score Audition + Notation).
      I'm including a short code example for your reference in case you have any feedback. And here's the listener error code:
      > Error: OMN Parse Error: fail
      > While executing: omn-to-ast, in process Listener-8(63).
      Thank you for your time and help!

      (setf piano-righthand '((e. b4 s a4 e b4 e. d4 s g4 e b4) (e. a4 mordent2 s g4 e a4 q. d5) (e. g5 lmordent1 s fs 5 e g5 e. a4 s e5 e g5) (e. fs5 mordent1 s e5 e fs5 q. d5 tie) (q d5 t e5 leg fs5 leg g5 leg a5 leg e. b5 s g5 e d5) (q e5 t fs5 leg g5 leg a5 leg b5 leg e. c6 s a5 e e5) (e. fs5 s d5 e g5 e. a4 s b4 e c5) ((app. e c5) q._e. b4 s a4 g4 fs4) (q g4 e d5 q. g5 tie+lmordent1) (e g5 s a5 g5 fs5 e5 q. fs5 tie+lmordent2) (e. fs5 s g5 e fs5 e. e5 s cs5 e d5) (e. cs5 mordent1 s d5 e e5 q. a4 tie) (q a4 t b4 leg cs5 leg d5 leg e5 leg e. fs5 s d5 e a4) (q b4 t cs5 leg d5 leg e5 leg fs5 leg e. g5 s e5 e b4) ((app. e b4) e. cs5 s a4 e a5 e. d5 s e5 e cs5) ((app e cs5) q d5 tie h))) (setf piano-lefhand '((q g3 lmordent2 e g2 q. g3 tie+lmordent2) (q. g3 e. fs3 mordent1 s e3 e d3) (q e3 e d4 q cs4 e a3) (q._e. d4 s e4 e c4) (e. b3 s c4 e a3 e. g3 s a3 e b3) (e. c4 s d4 e b3 e. a3 s b3 e c4) (e. d4 s c4 e a3 q c4 e d4) (e. g3 s fs3 e g3 e. d3 s a3 e c4) (e. b3 mordent1 s a3 e b3 e. e3 s b3 e d4) (e. cs4 mordent1 s b3 e a3 e. d4 s cs4 e d4) (e. g3 s b3 e d4 q. g4 tie) (e g4 s a4 g4 fs4 e4 e. fs4 s g4 e a4) (e. d4 s a3 e fs3 e. d3 s e3 e fs3) (e. g3 s a3 e fs3 e. e3 s fs3 e g3) (e. a3 s g3 e fs3 e. b3 s g3 e a3) (e. d3 s fs3 e a3 q. d4))) (def-score goldberg-var7 (:title "Goldberg Variationen" :subtitle "Var 17 (extract)" :composer "J. S. Bach" :key-signature '(g major) :time-signature '(6 8) :tempo '("al tempo di Giga" e 155) :layout (piano-solo-layout 'piano-rh 'piano-lh)) (piano-rh :omn piano-righthand :port "Logic" :channel 1) (piano-lh :omn piano-lefthand) )  
    • By Stephane Boussuge
      here's one of my personal orchestral template.
      It use plogue Bidule as host (because some special KeySwitch configuration) and EastWest Hollywood orchestra and East west Convolution reverb (but you can replace it by another one).
      You can use this template and associated files (soundset etc..) as this or use it as a base for designing you own and take inspiration from it.
      Attached you will find and audio example of the raw output of the template, the template itself (.opmo), the Bidule file and the soundset necessary to drive this template.
      Put the BaseOrch4.bidule file into the Instrument/Templates folder from Opmo folder. (create the Template folder if not exist)
      Put the soundset file BaseOrchestra4.lisp into the Def-soundset folder from opmo folder.
      Have fun !!
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