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How to force a time signature for Snippet fast use

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Dear Friends,


I'm setting some 12-tone examples for classroom.

I just want to show some rows with motives, in the example below.

I'd like to force this omn expression to make a snippet in 4/4 only or 2/4,

without having to use def score.

Is it possible ?

It's easier for faster classroom purposes.




(setf clodorow '(a4 gs5 c5 d5 bb4 b4 fs5 f5 cs5 g5 ds5 e5))

(setf serierit '(q.. s -s s s s -s e._q -s s -s s_q))

  :length serierit
  :pitch clodorow
  :velocity '(pp sfz p < f pp mf mf mp mp)
	:length-symbols t)

It's genarating a 7/4 snippet. I would prefer it in 2/4 or 4/4...


Any help ?



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In the next update you will be able to change the *audition-time-signature*:


(defparameter *audition-time-signature* '(4 4))
(defparameter *audition-time-signature* '(3 4))


The default setup is:

(defparameter *audition-time-signature* nil)


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