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Euclidean Rotations ('My Opus In The Modus Of Ghosts")

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;;; SET Variables

(setf pitch-1 '(c2 cs2 d2 ds2 e2 f2 fs2 g2 gs2 a2 as2 b2 c3 cs3 d3 ds3 e3 f3 fs3 g3 gs3 a3 as3 b3))
(setf pitch-2 '(c2 cs2 d2 ds2 e2 f2 fs2 g2 gs2 a2 as2 b2 c3 cs3 d3 ds3 e3 f3 fs3 g3 gs3 a3 as3 b3 c4))
(setf reverse-p (nreverse pitch-2))

(setf rotation-p-1 (gen-rotate :left pitch-1 :type :seq))
(setf rotation-p-2 (gen-rotate :right reverse-p :type :seq))

(setf rotation-p-3 (gen-rotate :right pitch-1 :type :seq))
(setf rotation-p-4 (gen-rotate :left reverse-p :type :seq))

(setf rotation-combo-A (gen-repeat 17 (append rotation-p-1 rotation-p-3)))
(setf rotation-combo-B (gen-repeat 16 (append rotation-p-2 rotation-p-4)))

(setf bin-map-1 (binary-map (gen-binary-euclidean 1 8 5 7) 's))
(setf bin-map-2 (binary-map (gen-binary-euclidean 1 8 5 8) 's))


(setf drum-rotation-1 (make-omn
             :pitch rotation-combo-A
             :length (span rotation-combo-A bin-map-1)
             :velocity '(ff mp = = = = = =)))

(setf drum-rotation-2 (make-omn
             :pitch rotation-combo-B
             :length (span rotation-combo-B bin-map-2)
             :velocity '(ff mp = = = = = =)))

;;; SET Voices

(setf Voice1 drum-rotation-1)
(setf Voice2 drum-rotation-2)


(def-score Euclidean-Rotations 
            :key-signature 'chromatic 
            :time-signature '(4 4) 
            :composer "Loopy C"
            :copyright "Copyleft © 2017 Chris R Gibson"
            :tempo 106
            :flexible-clef t
            :ignore-velocity t
             :omn Voice1
             :port 0
             :channel 1
             :sound 'Logic
             :program '1
             :volume 90)

             :omn Voice2
             :port 0
             :channel 2
             :sound 'Logic
             :program '1
             :volume 90)


Really, REALLY basic code...but indulges my interests in shifting rhythm patterns.


Pitch-lists are designed for the triggering of Spectrasonics 'Stylus RMX', the mixes then taking three stereo pairs and applying separate fx processing for final bounce in Logic 9.1.8.


As I said, pure indulgence of a personal compulsion...shared here simply as example of the variety of Opusmodus application as applied to beat creation.




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