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vector-to-length (with pitch-figurate) - audition tape

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On July 15, 2018 at 12:08 AM, AM said:

do you have some CODE to share?

Not much, but happy to share.


Somedays, I just set up a live audio host and some interesting instruments and samples, and then 'browse' the Opusmodus documentation. In these sessions, I am combining a playful way to add to my knowledge while generating audio materials via audition and MIDI Export for my library to be used as later combinatory/compound materials. As the title suggests, these are just live experimentations with 'vector-to-length',  along with variations on a theme to the value of 'vector-smooth' (from min to max value over session period).




(setf vector (gen-white-noise 10000))

(setf v2l-1 (vector-to-length '1/128 -3 13 vector))
(setf v2l-s-1 (vector-to-length '1/128 -3 13 (vector-smooth 0.1 vector)))

(setf chromatic-12 '(c2 cs2 d2 ds2 e2 f2 fs2 g2 gs2 a2 as2 b2))
(setf chromatic-16 '(c2 cs2 d2 ds2 e2 f2 fs2 g2 gs2 a2 as2 b2 c3 cs3 d3 ds3))


(setf voice-1 (make-omn
               :length (length-weight v2l-s-1 :weight '(34 1))
               :pitch (span v2l-s-1 chromatic-16)
               :velocity (messiaen-permutation '(ff f mf mp p))))



...and with pitch-figurate and additional permutation:


(setf voice-1 (make-omn
               :length (length-weight v2l-s-1 :weight '(67 1))
               :pitch (span v2l-s-1 (pitch-figurate 6 chromatic-12 :interval (messiaen-permutation '(1 -1 2 -2 3 -3 4 -4 5 -5))))
               :velocity (messiaen-permutation (messiaen-permutation '(ff f mf mp p)))))


 The pitch list is for the sequential triggering 'sample slices' via New Sonic Arts 'Vice',  each slice corresponding to a specific pitch (thus the pitch-figurate serves to add controllable variation of slice triggering). The exercise is focused on rhythm, but in the context of untraditional/non-percussion materials ;-) hth




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On July 15, 2018 at 2:42 AM, opmo said:

Grand improvisation, cool indeed 😎

Wow, thank you...that means a lot coming from you :)


Even at my extremely novice level with Opusmodus, the possibilities of what I can accomplish towards my own goals (experimental electronics) are seemingly endless :)


The combination of the online documentation and the continuing insights/inspiration derived from this forum and it's generous and talented contributors....is making this first leg of my learning Opusmodus an extremely exciting and rewarding period of education...and as I am able generate and collect these audio materials into a personal library, no doubt Opusmodus will allow me to develop unique approaches to electronic musiking which is my primary driving force ;-)





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