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Opusmodus 1.2.23291

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Opusmodus 1.2.23291

Just found a tiny bug - a number octave typo :-) Anyway it is fixed now.
I too changed the map name octave to spectra (Torsten suggestion).


A new map spectra in TONALITY-MAP function.

Optimisation and revised documentation.

The function TONALITY-MAP can be used to map tonalities on to a chromatic pitch series. There are three types of map: step, spectra and NIL. The step map use the sequence interval steps (harmonic inversion) to map the tonalities on to the sequence. The octave map use the sequence octave numbers to map the tonalities on to the sequence. The map NIL is the default map. Here we use extended tonality with full register (-60 67) to map the tonalities on to the sequence. In spectra and NIL map the closest option by default is set to NIL - select randomly one of the directions: (down or up).



'((c4g4e5b5d6 :closest up :map spactra)
   (g3d4b5f5a4 :closest up :map spectra))
'((h c4f5 cs4fs5) (h d4g5 cs4gs5) (h eb4as5 f4a5) (h e4gs5 c4gs5)))
=> ((h c4e5 c4e5) (h d4f5 d4b5) (h c4b5 g4b5) (h d4b5 d4b5))


Best wishes,



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