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    • By EAIP
      Is there built-in functionality to sort a chord-progression using the top note?
      The following example uses the bottom note:
      (sort-asc '(a2a3 a2a4 a2e4))  
    • By Wim Dijkgraaf
      I'm interested in having a complete list of the more high-level algorithms that Opusmodus supports out-of-the-box. This is what I found going through the integrated help documentation:
      Lindmayer systems Cellular automata Working with pitch class sets Euclidean Algorithm Tonality mapping Mandelbrot sets Rubin (Rubin functions) Twelve-tone row (including All-interval twelve-tone row and Twelve Tone Forms) Klangreihen technique
      Trobes (composer Joseph Hauer )
      The Time Point System (Babbit)
      Infinity Series (Nørgård)
      Messiaen Permutation
      Stravinsky Rotation
      Brownian motion
      Noise generation
      Gaussian noise
      Pink noise
      White noise
      Markov chain
      Random generators (including random walk)
      Schillinger Interference (Schillinger System of Music Composition)
      Spectral Data
      Wave forms (sine, sawtooth, square, triangle)
      Any help to get this list complete is very much appreciated :-)
      Big hug,
      Wim Dijkgraaf
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