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Opusmodus Vs. Symbolic Composer


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Hi Everyone,

I've been testing Opusmodus a few hours today and so far I really love it, I feel pretty comfortable with the language due to my background with SCOM and I've already found a lot of improvements, such as the excellent IDE, the docs and the window management.
I do have a few questions though that I couldn't find an immediate answer to;

- Can Opusmodus compile a project to a DAW, say Logic or Reaper? (I really hope so! This one is pretty essential for me)

- Can OM send MIDI CC data and is there/will there be support for OSC data? Are CC messages set per note or are they truly separate events?
- How many simultaneous MIDI channels can OM send?

And lastly (this might be a bigger topic) how does Opusmodus deal with Symbols? I'm used to C being the third note of the selected scale but in OM it seems like C is always C, does that mean I have to re-write things if I want to transpose to a new key or is there a different trick for that?

Thank you in advance for the reply!

- Jor

added 1 minute later

Sorry, I just saw that some of my question are already answered! Please feel free to discard those :) 

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You can look at some of my videos tutorials in the Videos section on this Forum - you will see how to drive Logic Pro.


In Opusmodus you can use as many MIDI ports as you like with hundreds of MIDI channels simultaneously.


Opusmodus have all you need to create and send cc (controllers) data - check the DEF-SOUND-SETS documentation and the DEF-SCORE documentation.

About driving Logic, I have created two templates which you'll find in templates section on this Forum.


Happy Opusmodusing ;-)

Stéphane Boussuge



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Hello Stephane, thank you for the reply and the links! I'm familiar with how to setup MIDI routing however, does this mean building a project from source is not possible in OM?
In SCOM I can set the Playback mode to Logic Pro (or most other DAW's), which will actually compile the script and build the project for me, which is a huge time saver!
Are there any similar alternatives in OM or is there something like this planned for a future release?
I've planned some time today to look into the different functions, thank you Janusz!

Kind Regards,

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You have to sort of see it to believe it but in SCOM you can create your complete score and then set the Playback Device to Logic Pro (for example)

After which SCOM will open Logic, create a new project, put all the MIDI tracks in there, write automation data, a tempo tempo map, time &key signatures and load all the right instrument patches and effects, so you can start mixing straight away. It's pretty amazing..
However there are also a lot of things that I'm not completely happy with in Symbolic Composer, so if this feature could be implemented in OM I would  make the switch today, the IDE in OM is so much better, as is the window management and the documentation.


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> If you open a midi-file created with Opusmodus with Logic, all the tracks will be created, the tempo map, the bar changes and logic will load instruments exactly as you describe.


Yes, indeed. The only thing missing from Jor's list would be proper automation data, AFAIK. You can have CC data, but Logic automation data is a different animal. 




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I bought Symbolic Composer not too long ago and regret it. I do like the symbolic representation of note data and how you can change the scale easily by declaring the symbols be in a new one. Now it seems the website is gone as well has a message "on update" for the past 6 months or so. Are they no longer in business?

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oneder, I wrote Peter Stone around that time, and he stated that he was very busy on a project(s) and would update at some time in future but DID take the time to assist me.


He has been at this a long time (my original copy of SCOM I have been upgrading from was purchased for an Atari in the early 90's!), and he has always replied to my emails over that long period...but I imagine SCOM is not necessarily 'in demand' such to be a priority from a marketing standpoint i.e the website.


If you need support, write him directly... he has always presented himself to me as a professional and a gentleman, and has maintained SCOM for decades now... just appears to have other areas of his life he is fully committed to right now ;-)

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