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Combinatorial Voice-Leading of Hexachords

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Dear All,


HAPPY 2018 !!


With the new PCS organization in Opusmodus is possible to implement a concept of my book, called Combinatorial Voiceleading of Hexachords.

From a Hexachord Set, is possible to find 10 different ways to combine the notes in the for of voice-leading sets. Each hexachord is divided in (3 + 3) way.




This expression:


(setf hexavl
           (gen-divide 3 (flatten (permute (pcs '6-32)))))
           :test #'equal)))))


Will result in this combination of the 6-32 hexachord, similar to the idea in the book.




In the book, the material is organized in 70 pages of melodic and harmonic exercises.


Here is a litte sample:



The entire book:



Best !

Julio Herrlein

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