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Found 4 results

  1. In the Editor Commands window (Help -> Editor Commands), the description text in the bottom panel is black on a very dark gray background (dark mode). I have to select the text to read it. Also, when you open a Help panel (the floating panel you get when you click on a function in the rightmost panel) and select some text in it, then click outside that panel, the text reverts to its unselected color, but the selection highlight is almost the same color, so it becomes unreadable. I'm using V2.0.25787 on Catalina 10.15.5.
  2. Some changes to the Text & Lyrics tools. If you used one of them please check the new functions. The text-to-pitch function is replaced with TEXT-MAP with more options and functionality. text-map map text &key flat rnd-order otherwise seed [Function] Arguments and Values: map a list of lists (<letter><symbol>) text a string, a string list list of a list of letters. flat T or NIL. The default is T. rnd-order T or NIL. The default is NIL. otherwise Nil, symbol or list o
  3. New: additional keyword :map in TEXT-TO-PITCH, LETTER-TO-INTEGER and INTEGER-TO-LETTER. --------------------------------------------------- TEXT-TO-PITCH Example with a defined :map (setf map (gen-combine (make-alphabet) (gen-integer-step 0 26 '(1 -2 3 1)))) => ((a 0) (b 1) (c -1) (d 2) (e 3) (f 4) (g 2) (h 5) (i 6) (j 7) (k 5) (l 8) (m 9) (n 10) (o 8) (p 11) (q 12) (r 13) (s 11) (t 14) (u 15) (v 16) (w 14) (x 17) (y 18) (z 19)) (text-to-pitch '("To be, or not to be, that is the ques
  4. Hello! I am hoping to get some help applying text to a list of durations longer than a bar. The :text key in def-score applies each syllable of text onto each new bar, even when the duration is tied through. Instead, I want each new syllable to be applied to each new note. I know that I can use dashes in the lyrics to connect through ties, but as I am generating very large numbers of tied notes it is impractical to count out exactly the right number of dashes each time. Is there a way to do what I want? Thank you! Elliot
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