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  1. Here's a small function from my toolbox i use very often for adding articulation on already generated OMN material. Also useful for adding legato slurs. Link to video example: ;;; ============================================= ;;; ARTICULATION-MAP-OMN ;;; AJOUTE DES ARTICULATIONS SUR DES LISTES OMN ;;; BASÉES SUR DU PATTERN MATCHING. ;;; ============================================= (defun articulation-map-omn (map omn &key (otherwise '-)) (do-verbose ("articulation-map-omn") (let ((plist (disassemble-omn omn))) (setf (getf plist :articulation) (pattern-map map (getf plist :length) :otherwise otherwise :swallow t)) (apply 'make-omn plist)))) #| USAGE (setf mat '((q c4 p d4 e e4 f4 s g4 f a4 g4 f4 q e4) (e d4 mp c4 s d4 e4 f4 e4 q d4 e c4 b3) (h a3 f -h))) (setf prules '(((s s s) (leg leg leg)) ((s s) (leg leg)) ((s e) (- -)) ((s q) (- stacc)) ((q) (stacc)) ((e) (-)))) (setf out (articulation-map-omn prules mat)) |# SB.
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