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Found 1 result

  1. Having support for MIDI controller data is great, but is it also possible to send pitchbend and aftertouch? Some Ableton Live instruments need that for more complex control (e.g., Collusion), as otherwise only the Modwheel and no other CC message is supported. Also, I have difficulties understanding what exactly the gen-controller argument span does. Judging from the way the term span is used in the example Controllers 1, I assume this controls the time span the resulting controller movement takes, measured in symbolical note duration, where 1 means a whole note (the term span is used very differently elsewhere, easily causing confusion -- a slightly different argument name would help). So, in effect it should control the length of the resulting list (depending on the set time resolution). However, this is not always the case. What am I missing here? Is there a bug? larger span values result in longer lists, as expected (length (gen-controller 1 (gen-sine 1024 4 1))) => 128 (length (gen-controller 2 (gen-sine 1024 4 1))) => 256 (length (gen-controller 4 (gen-sine 1024 4 1))) => 512 however, for shorter input lists this is not the case (length (gen-controller 1 (gen-sine 128 4 1))) => 128 (length (gen-controller 4 (gen-sine 128 4 1))) => 128 (length (gen-controller 1 (gen-sine 12 4 1))) => 12 (length (gen-controller 4 (gen-sine 12 4 1))) => 12 Does this mean gen-controller always returns at most the number of input values? Further, how does the span affect the result (if it does so) -- are the values simply looped/cut-off or are they interpolated to stretch/shrink over the specified time span? Thanks a lot! Best, Torsten
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