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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Janusz, We were recently discussing potential microtonal support for Opusmodus. I understand that you suggested a representation based on 12-tone equal division of the octave (EDO) with free cent deviations as a flexible and generic solution. I agree that this could be a sufficient solution in the background, because all microtonal pitches, intervals, chords and scales can be specified that way. However, in my view it would be an insufficient solution as the only microtonal representation at the user-level, because it would be highly cumbersome. Imagine composing a
  2. Dear developers, Are you considering to support microtonal music at some stage? In particular, this would mean allowing for additional (or, even better, custom) accidentals in addition to the current b and s in the OMN language. Quartertones are already supported even by MusicXML and out-of-the-box by standard music notation software like Finale and Sibelius, so adding at least those would be welcome. For example, some ASCII microtonal music notations use | for quarter tone sharp (meaning and arrow upwards) and ! for quarter tone flat, but other characters could be used as well, if that would
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