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Found 3 results

  1. Some changes to the Text & Lyrics tools. If you used one of them please check the new functions. The text-to-pitch function is replaced with TEXT-MAP with more options and functionality. text-map map text &key flat rnd-order otherwise seed [Function] Arguments and Values: map a list of lists (<letter><symbol>) text a string, a string list list of a list of letters. flat T or NIL. The default is T. rnd-order T or NIL. The default is NIL. otherwise Nil, symbol or list o
  2. Hello! I am hoping to get some help applying text to a list of durations longer than a bar. The :text key in def-score applies each syllable of text onto each new bar, even when the duration is tied through. Instead, I want each new syllable to be applied to each new note. I know that I can use dashes in the lyrics to connect through ties, but as I am generating very large numbers of tied notes it is impractical to count out exactly the right number of dashes each time. Is there a way to do what I want? Thank you! Elliot
  3. Kyrie from "Messe Brève En Forme de Haikus". Global Pitch definition. Basic row (with D minor notes every 2 notes) (setf row '(d4 fs4 f4 cs4 g4 gs4 a4 ds4 as4 e4 c5 b4)) Utility function (defun collect-every-n (steps list) (loop for n from 0 to (- (length list)1) by steps collect (nth n list))) Global ambitus definition (setf sopamb '(d4 g5)) (setf altamb '(a3 c5)) (setf tenamb '(c3 c4)) (setf bassamb '(g2 g3)) Kyrie part-1 (canon) P
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