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Found 1 result

  1. Hi J, I am trying to arpeggiate some chords put together algorithmically, I am following the example document for arpeggios, no2. And adding arp at the articulation keyword for make-omn, but I get an error, so I am wondering if it is just not possible to arpeggiate chords that are changing in the amount of sustain the notes have? (what you call 'duration' in OM language)). My basic premise is that I cannot change the original rhythmic positions of the coreCall set below, yet I want to create different orderings with different octaves and make them sound more legato: see here: ;;identified the core call notes to use as material for chords (setf coreCall '(-h_q_3s t_3s^s gb5 mp 23/640^23/384 db6 mf 5q^25/384 f6 t..^149/1920 eb6 mp e_t_5s bb5 mf -13/480 89/1920^t_x_5s eb5 mp 203/384 ab5 mf )) ;;defined the separate elements as their own variables (setf coreCall-L (omn :length coreCall )) (setf coreCall-P (omn :pitch coreCall )) (setf coreCall-D(omn :duration coreCall )) ;;set to generate chords from pitch (setf callChords (gen-chord 11 1 5 0 24 coreCall-P :count 5 :rnd-octaves t :seed 22)) ;;combine the values to make an alternative call (make-omn :pitch callChords ;;randomise the rhythmic values :length (rnd-order coreCall-L :seed 28) ;;make it more legato by scaling the durations of the notes: :duration (length-augmentation 2 coreCall-D ) :span :length :articulation (mclist '(- arp - arp arp-down - arp -)) ) Thank youin advance for your help!! Julio
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